Two NOTD’s & some inspiration

I’m sat at home sick with the flu today *sniff* which is bad but also good- I get a few days away from the gym without feeling too guilty, haha! So I’m bundled up watching True Blood & Mad Men and not really up for changing my nails, but I have some two NOTD’s from the past week that I haven’t shared:

First is new favourite I definitely will be repeating when there is good light to capture the colours- Missha The Style nailpolish in GR001 (I think, their naming system is not clear) which is a very bright pastel green, topped with my trusty leopard print Konad using Essie’s Big Bag Theory. This was mostly an experiment that went well, I was swatching the Missha shade when I thought I’d give Konading with Essie a try- mine is an especially gloopy bottle. (Missha is a Korean cosmetics brand that has started branching out internationally, you can check out their website here)

Next is Essie’s Thigh High. I was going out for a girly dinner with my mum and put this on- I didn’t even get my usual fidgetiness which results in mass Konading/Decal shenanigans (haha) it’s such a beautiful, rich colour that I was perfectly content with wearing it on its own! 

And now for some WICKED nail inspiration- there’s a new nail salon opening in London called WAH nails and  they have a blog up with their unbelievable designs. It’s brilliant to see other girls passionate about nails- and they are so creative and super fun! I can’t wait to go to London and visit the salon with my bestie, I’ve gotten her addicted to nails too. I’ve already attempted some of their looks at home, I hope you girls enjoy the inspo!


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  1. 1

    kelliegonzo said,

    ooo i’m loving the thigh high!! looks great on you!

  2. 2

    Michelyne said,

    I just want to say I share your love of True Blood and Mad Men! So psyched for MM starting back again. Thigh High looks like a bit of a Betty Draper nail colour!

  3. 3

    Meghan Best said,

    Hey- thanks for the write up. We’d love for you to come and see us, and to try some of your own ideas out. Look forward to meeting you!x

    Wah Nails

  4. 4

    Lucy said,

    Love your Konadicure! I think we all love the animal print. Thigh High is a gorgeous shade on you. Your nails are looking lovely. I’m a huge True Blood and Mad Men fan. Thank God Mad Men is coming back this Sunday. I can’t wait.

  5. 5

    skye said,

    hey hun where are u ??? i miss u =(

  6. 6

    gigi wax said,

    British racing green is one of my favorite FAVORITE colors!

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