Spotlight: nude shades

I just wanted to thank all you sweet ladies who left comments on my last post- your kind thoughts meant so much to me! After lots of previous bad experiences online and in message boards I have to say- the nail blogosphere is full of the nicest, friendliest girls around 🙂

Lately I’ve become obsessed with finding the perfect nude polishes- opaque and creamy, never milky, and lacking the infamous streakiness that lighter shades always seem to have. I’ve built up a small collection of nudes, many of which I haven’t shown on my blog, so I thought I’d have a little post dedicated to them and my never ending search, haha! I have nothing against milky polishes but for some reason I can’t get enough of pigmented beauties that seem so hard to find.

My first (and one of my favourites) is Essie’s pound cake which I showed a picture of in my last post- it’s the exact beige/cream I was looking for! I found it in a pile of ancient Essie’s at a beauty supply shop and I’m so glad I didn’t miss out on it. I also want to apologize for my bad application in later shots- I was in a rush to get good photos before applying my going-out-to-dinner mani 🙂

In the picture below the swatches are, from L-R: Steppin’ Out by Essie, Pound Cake by Essie, Swedish Nude by OPI, Polar Bare by OPI.

Steppin’ Out was the one I was most disappointed in- very milky, and the shade of pink looks really bad with my skintone.

Swedish Nude- how I love this colour, but unfortunately it has the old frustrating brush which is such a pain to use. I took my friend to get a manicure at a local salon and I spotted it while waiting for her, the salon really  hates selling colours ( I’m guessing so as to keep customers paying for their services? Not sure.) but they sold me Swedish Nude & the next lovely shade in this post…

Polar Bare! Such a lovely, creamy colour and a dream to apply, both because of the formula and the improved brush it came with.

I’ve amassed quite a few LA Girl polishes over the last few weeks including this unnamed gem, a really nice concrete nude- my sloppy application does it no justice, but I find the LA Girl brushes to be so difficult to work with as well- me and thin brushes do not get along 😦

OPI’s Bubble Bath- very sweet and pretty but still a tad too milky for me.


These are all the nude polishes currently in my possession, I’d love to know what your personal favourites are! OPI’s Mod About You is on my wishlist-anything else I should keep an eye out for?



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  1. 1

    nivipa said,

    I like to have good, nude colors as well. Especially since I need them for work – *eye roll*. One of my personal favorites it Fiji Weejee Fawn from OPI. I think it’s discontinued, but still pretty easy to find.

    • 2

      pixelsandpolish said,

      I know what you mean about work, it can be such a pain removing last nights polish, haha! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  2. 3

    xhelenx said,

    Yep, Mod About You. Also, Tickle My France-y & You’re A Doll, all OPIs. I think I’ve blogged on all three and have pics.

    • 4

      pixelsandpolish said,

      Ooh Tickle My France-y caught my eye a few times! I’ll definitely look through your blog, thanks for the ideas 🙂

  3. 5

    Lucy said,

    I like all the nude polishes. I used to have an old Revlon that was the perfect nude for me. It was called Santa Fe Sand. I even emailed the company hoping they would have a dupe for it. I got absolutely no where with them. I have a load of nudes that I kept trying to find a perfect one. It’s been a very long time since I’ve worn a nude so I couldn’t tell you my favorite. I also got rid of the old Revlon so I can’t compare it with another. I like Polar Bare, it looks a bit like the color I did have! We are very nice here in nail fanatics land. Shame people can be so mean and rude. I’m glad your finding things better. Hope you keep on blogging. I’m enjoying reading and looking at your photos.

  4. 6

    francisca said,

    wow thanks to share,i always came to visit ur blog 🙂

  5. 7

    Rachel said,

    you should defo try models own nude beige.. its a UK based company but im pretty sure you can get it shipped out to the US. its like ÂŁ5 a bottle (not sure what that is in dollars) but they always have loadsa offers on and nude beige is a beaut! xo

  6. 8

    Corinne said,

    Hi, I really appreciate your swatches, for the Swedish Nude, how many coats was that? How was the consistency? Thank you.

  7. 9

    deena patel said,

    Where are you able to easily find Fiji Weejee Fawn, Nivipa? I’m almost positive it has been discontinued, & I have had less luck than you finding it. Please help – my all time favorite neutral/nude polish!

  8. 10

    deena patel said,

    Nivipa (or anyone else that knows!) Thanks much, Deena

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