Back, and with lots of polishy goodness!

Hi everyone! I’m back home, and it feels so good to be wrapped up in front of my laptop posting & being lazy! It was a fun trip but I have to admit I was veeery bad- I really went overboard with the polish haulage- but I guess it’s good news for my blog, lots to post about. I was also expecting to have internet connection while I was there but my hopes were dashed- I’m genuinely sorry for being so late at replying to everyones comments!

So just to give a sneak peek at what is to come-

I have some fun NOTD’s for you all, including OPI’s Done Out in Deco which I wore the entire trip so I’m completely sick of the colour now, haha. I splurged on some great Essie’s which were super cheap compared to the prices salons here charge for them, some fun L.A. Girls polishes which I’ve never tried before and some other great colours from brands I’ve never heard of before. Swatches, NOTD’s and reviews are coming up! I also bought a bunch of super cute nail decals, so my NOTD’s will definitely be much more fun 🙂

I’ve also become obsessed with this brand called Cosmiss, I bought two shades on a whim because they were super, super cheap- and oh my goodness they glide on like butter (eugh, buttery nails, haha), utter love! I wish I’d gotten more 😦 I really shouldn’t complain though, I’m so happy with everything I got!

I’m off to upload all promised photos, I’ve really got my work cut out for me- It’s going to take ages to catch up on all my nail blog faves and comments so bear with me! The posting bonanza will be up by tomorrow 🙂



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  1. 1

    Lucy said,

    You sure did have a nice haul! Glad your back all safe and sound. I guess you enjoyed your trip? Just went for the polish right! I’ve never heard of Cosmiss. It never fails that you buy something cheap or just one of and it turns out to be great.

    • 2

      pixelsandpolish said,

      Thank you so much Lucy! I’d never heard of Cosmiss either, but if you ever see it around you should give it a go, the application was fabulous 😀 (And you are so right, cheap finds that turn out to be amazing are the best!)

  2. 3

    xhelenx said,

    Niiiice hauls! Can’t wait to see what you do with them 🙂

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