NOTD: Aubergine & the Gatsby manicure!

Hello blogosphere, just wanted to thank everyone reading and commenting, receiving all your lovely comments really makes my day! 🙂

I’m back from my trip, and the first thing I ran for was my nail polish basket! You Don’t Know Jacques by OPI is a beautiful colour but I definitely needed a change. As I mentioned in my previous post I was craving a nice, rich red- but instead I decided to give a polish I bought on sale from Marks & Spencers a try. I didn’t really like it, it’s application wasn’t smooth and it had the ultimate polish deal breaker for me- it took aaages to dry and still didn’t seem 100% dry after hours. It may be my fault because of thicker coats, but I did them as thin as possible without dragging the brush and having a rough sticky mess *shrug*.

The shade was Aubergine, a classic dark maroon that every polish range usually seems to carry, and after application I decided to have some fun with it! After my previous Dita Von Teese post I’ve been experimenting mad scientist-style  on how to reproduce her “half-moon manicure” in a way that was easy for me. I tried online tutorials, using French manicure guides on the bottoms of my nails- all a bust.

 While perusing the FABULOUS Illamasqua website (The makeup! The polishes! Oh my!) I saw a video tutorial for the manicure, though on the website it’s named the “Gatsby” mani- much more poetic in my opinion 🙂 You can locate the tutorials by clicking Art of Makeup, then Nails on the site. Unfortunately I’m not as dextrous as the talented lady in the video and couldn’t cut it, so I satisfied my yearning  for the look by taking an ear bud / q-tip dipped in acetone and wiped out the shape- Wa-hey! Not as neat, but it’s a first step 🙂

I added some Konad tips (using Givenchy’s Sun Silver and plate m57) since I was in full manicure swing, and it got quite a few compliments! It looks nicer in real life, the camera really seems to highlight every flaw, haha, but I do need to practice getting the moon shape even. My mum told me my gran used to sport this look in the 40’s, I don’t know how they did it back then without all the lovely products we are now spoilt with- Gatsby manicure, I will conquer you some day!


I apologize for the dodgy images today (inexcusable, I know), my camera & lighting were acting up 😦 but the last photo is pretty accurate colour-wise, though slightly unflattering to my nails, haha! 



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  1. 1

    avroys said,

    Wow – that looks really classy! Love it! I’m definitely going to check out the tutorial.

  2. 3

    LOL, guess I should have went backwards through your posts to see how you made your half moons.

    I think this looks gorgeous! As far as drying time, don’t you use seche? It is a miricle worker on drying time.

    • 4

      pixelsandpolish said,

      Thanks! Haha I’m still working on those half-moons, they’ll be the death of me! I can’t seem to find seche here but I’m planning on ordering some online, the drying time is such a downer 😦

  3. 5

    Lucy said,

    I love this manicure. Such a pretty color. I love the gold tips also. I can’t believe you just used a qtip to do the half moons. What a neat job.

    • 6

      pixelsandpolish said,

      Thanks, it’s much easier if you q-tip the shape on the first coat, it’s much thinner and easier to dissolve 🙂

  4. 7

    Jordan said,

    Lol that is very nice manicure!

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