Polish collection thus far

I’ll be back from my trip tomorrow, and I can’t wait to be home! I’ve been reading the Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire Mysteries series (I’m a book & vampire junkie) on the plane and in my free time here, and I can’t wait to break out my MAC Shirelle and paint my nails a nice vampy red 🙂 until then, I thought I’d share my current collection with you all…

Until about a month ago, I had 4 polishes to my name, all colours by MAC that were the remnants of my great MAC craze of ’08 that still makes my wallet weep, haha. Needless to say, I got over the MAC phase and thanks to a run in with the Konad stall in my local mall, I now appreciate how relaxing and fun nail care can be!

So my collection has slowly built up, but I still lack so many colours I’d like to have- I used to live on salon manicures so it never occured to me to pick up polishes while at the makeup counter and I now realized I missed on so many gorgeous collections and colours. Oh well, if MACgate ’08 taught me anything, it’s not to get swept up in the hype of a limited collection!

Anyways, I thought I’d share with you the colours I currently own! It saddens me that I have practically no polishes in my favourite colours (black, green and grey) but hopefully I’ll be putting a big order with an online e-tailer soon so I can have lots of new lovely colours to play with 🙂 

These are the 4 original polishes I mentioned, (L-R) Spicemix, Rocker, Steamy and Shirelle. They’re all pretty unremarkable I guess, but I *love* Shirelle to bits, it’s such a beautiful creamy red, and I tend to wear reds a lot.

Next up are the Nivea’s, I have a bunch of them ’cause they’re quite cheap and sold in the pharmacy right next door to my apartment block.

(L-R) the first two are my bad attempts at frankens, the last two are Violet and Cardinal, I picked up Cardinal before a trip London as an emergency backup incase my OPI Big Apple Red mani chipped. It’s alright, but super messy to remove staining EVERYTHING in the process!

Next up are Nivea minis, I picked these up from the pharmacy to use in my early Konad-ing days, Blue Sparkle and Black Sparkle.

These two lovelies are from pop beauty, Mandarin and Grass. I also have Xmas (I think that’s the name) and Lilac, but a friend borrowed them and never returned them which seems to be a recurring theme with me, haha!

These two shades were picked up at a recent sale held in Marks & Spencer, I haven’t tried Aubergine (on the left) but Soft Pink took forever to dry and stayed tacky for ages, boo 😦

My two OPI babies! Bubblebath on the left, and Miami Beet on the right.

My friend loves polishes from Claire’s, so I picked up these two to try- a sky blue and a dark green. Sadly the green wasn’t as rich or dark as I hoped, but the application wasn’t bad for either.

And now for my haul from the Japanese discount store, Daiso! You can check out better photos here, and I’ll be posting a swatch post soon!

The two pretties from my first post

I also tried out Rimmel polishes for the first time recently and I quite like them, this is Red Carpet and Blue Me Away. Red Carpet is a nice red with a distintive gold pearl, and Blue Me Away is an electric blue with purple shimmer.

My two Givenchy’s, Sun Gold & Sun Silver, as seen here


If you’d like to see swatches of any, please don’t hesitate to ask! I’ll probably have a big swatch post as soon as I’m back from my trip tomorrow 🙂



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  1. 1

    xhelenx said,

    Nice stash! I remember when I was just starting out – its scary how fast it grows!

    I didnt know Nivea made polish – I thought it was just face cream.

    Am really interested in the Givenchy ones – they look awesome!

    • 2

      pixelsandpolish said,

      It really does grow like crazy haha! Yup, Nivea make a few basic colours, nothing super unique that I’ve seen though. The Givenchy ones are lovely, I’m having so much fun with them! 🙂

  2. 3

    Velvet said,

    Enjoy reading while on the way home. Nice stash of polish. I agree with Helen, it’s scary how fast it grows…lol! The Nivea polishes look interesting, and yes the Givenchy too.

    • 4

      pixelsandpolish said,

      Thanks Velvet, I had my nose in my book the entire trip, lol 🙂 The collection just multiplies so fast, I’m already looking for a bigger basket to store everything in!

  3. 5

    Lucy said,

    This collection will probably triple within months. I had about 30 bottles. I don’t even want to count what I have now. The more I read the nail blogs and see all the fabulous pictures, the more I want. I have so many untried polishes it’s ridiculous. I’ve never seen Nivea polish. I would like to see the Givenchy polish. Those Mac polishes are pretty. I would also like to see the Japanese polishes. They look really exciting with all that glitter.

    • 6

      pixelsandpolish said,

      I know what you mean, my wishlist has quadrupled since I started reading blogs- so addictive! I actually just swatched the Japanese ones today, they’ll be up soon 🙂

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