Nail inspiration: Dita Von Teese

We always look to the rich and famous for inspiration when it comes to hair/clothes/style- so why not nails? 🙂 This is the first post of a few I have planned where I take a look at women with beautiful, well groomed nails for inspiration- and if any of you knew me in real life you’d know that choosing Dita is a no brainer for me!

I really admire Dita in general: I love her style and aesthetic, and I follow her on Twitter and she always posts books, songs, and longing for the bygone golden age of Hollywood that I agree with- I’m obsessed with black and white films and vintage glamour.

Now unlike Dita, I don’t live by that obsession, but it definitely influences my “style” (I can’t say I have style with a straight face, especially when I’m typing this in my pj’s!). I love wearing flowers in my hair and a classic red manicure along with my battered band t-shirts and my nerdy specs, I feel like the mish mash suits me cause I’m always at a cross roads between the geek and the girl in me! Dita is amazing because she really seems to live and breathe her style while still seeming fresh and modern, never a caricature. Of course this is just my opinion, I’d love to know what you girls think of her too!

Now on to the main subject- those nails!

I’ve seen a lot of press/blogging/vlogging/tuts about Dita’s half-moon manicure, and they were the first thing I noticed about her! The little sliver of white just seems to elevate the classic red mani and makes it seem that little bit more unattainable- this is a lady who spends time on her nails, and doesn’t just slap on some red and call it a day (as I did every week before I started this blog, haha)!

I also love the shape- how many stars sport oval nails anymore? The trend is square, square, short and square, it’s refreshing to see a lady with long, elegant nails that just go against everything associated with the Hollywood-LA scene (especially if it involved chipped polish, shudder). Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the shorter style stars sport, but everyone has just become so conforming and conservative when it comes to nails and makeup.

It just bothers me that the glamour and drama has faded I guess, especially when long nails and colours that escape the pink to red spectrum are instantly considered in bad taste. My fashion obsessed best friend has spent countless hours begging me to give my nails a chop and abandon my crazy bargain store glitters and greens- not likely haha! Both short & long nails deserve love, especially when they are glazed in some fab polish 🙂

I say we all take a page out of Dita’s book- spending time on your nails and having a fresh, beautiful manicure is always fabulous (look at the press she’s getting for them!), and more importantly:  the season can go to hell, wear what makes you happy! 

I’ve tried imitating the look myself, I tried painting a white half moon shape then finishing the rest of the nail in my current favourite red- MAC’s Shirelle- it was sloppy at best, and the red and white looked too harsh. I think I’ll be trying it next with the half moon sheer instead of white, I’ll let you ladies know how it goes!

I’ll be peppering my blog with more random inspiration posts in future, I’d love to know who inspires nail lust in all of you! 



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  1. 1

    Lucy said,

    Dita is absolutely gorgeous! I love her look. She has a very indivudual look. I wish my nails could be an oval shapw. They just grown square. i love the red polish and lips. I’d like to see a look like hers.

    • 2

      pixelsandpolish said,

      I love her too! I love seeing her in magazines, she always looks so different and original 🙂 If my Dita look works out, I’ll put it up!

  2. 3

    xhelenx said,

    Dita is fantastic – she always comes across so nice in interviews as well. I think she is a good role model as its nice to see a change from permatanned, bleach blonde bunnies.
    Apparently (I’m sure I read this somewhere) she is a natural blonde and dyes her hair dark.

    My nails grow oval but I’m afraid I square them off – just like it better that way for me.

    • 4

      pixelsandpolish said,

      She seems so lovely! I heard she’s releasing a book with all her beauty/makeup tips, I can’t wait 🙂

  3. 5

    Jennifer said,

    I think the moon of her nail is left natural (unpainted) rather than white. At least that’s what it looks like on my computer.
    Congrats on your new blog!

    • 6

      pixelsandpolish said,

      It’s odd, sometimes it looks natural and sometimes it looks a bit pearly! The white looked really bad on me, so I’ll try natural next 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

      • 7

        Leah bessette said,

        she wears it two ways, with either a natural moon or with a sheer silver polish in the moon. Both look fantastic. You can find out more about her looks and inspirations in “The Art of the Teese”. It’s a beautiful coffee table size book split into 2 sections: burlesque and the art of the tease, and fetish and the art of the tease.

  4. 8

    […] seems to carry, and after application I decided to have some fun with it! After my previous Dita Von Teese post I’ve been experimenting mad scientist-style  on how to reproduce her “half-moon […]

  5. 9

    donnyspal254 (Kath) said,

    I think she’s fabulous! I love her style, I think on most people it would be OTT but it really suits her. Maybe it’s because of her confidence in carrying it off, I dunno, she wears *it* rather than it wearing *her*, if you know what I mean? If you’re gonna wear something so full-on you have to really love it and be committed to it for it to work. It would definitely be too much like hard work for me, I’m more a typing-in-my-pjs kinda girl too!

    Ps. I’m loving your blog too, and I think your own ‘gatsby’ manis look great as well.

    • 10

      pixelsandpolish said,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I know what you mean, it’s amazing that she always looks so flawless and never a parody of herself 🙂

  6. 11

    Ruby Woo said,

    i lovveee red nail polsh Dita is stunning too. Great post

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