Swatches & Review – Givenchy Summer 2009

I went to the mall to browse the bookstore… and left with two bottles of polish! (It would have been three if the shade I fell in love with (Lancome’s Midnight Glam) was in stock *grumble*).

I picked up Sun Gold & Sun Silver from the Givenchy counter, and a google search later I now know they come from the Summer 2009 Collection- and they are stunning! I’m surprised that I haven’t heard about them before going down to the shops, they definitely fill the gold & silver void in my nail polish stash.

Swatches, photos & Konad goodness after the cut!

Sun Silver is the brighter of the two- an insanely vivid cold silver, my friend kept saying it made me look like a cyborg, haha! It has a weird texture though, it doesn’t glide on smoothly and leaves bald patches on the first coat, but with 2 coats your nails look like they were made by a blacksmith.

I just realized this pic of Sun Gold doesn’t really do it justice, but I think it’s because of the difference between it’s formula and Sun Silver’s. It’s smoother and less grainy looking, and reminds me of the colour Lt. Uhura wore on her nails in the original Star Trek series. I really hope someone agrees with me or I’m going to look like a big nerd :p

Here’s both in artificial light, I think the sparkly grains in sun silver really stand out.

Both were so thick and pigmented, I couldn’t resist trying them out with Konad! My Konad collection is tiny with just 4 plates and three polishes, so anything new to experiment with is fun. I got out my Rimmel polish in Blue Me Away…

Smeared it on haphazardly, haha.

And went crazy with the Konad!

I used the silver to Konad onto the blue, it was pretty flat (I think the fault was with the super thin lines of the design) but as soon as I added a top coat it looked pretty, though subtle.

I LOVED the black on the gold&silver though, the flatness of the black on the crazy molten colours was so striking! Definitely added to my future NOTD list.

I loved both colours, though I can’t help but feel that Sun Silver is slightly more unique than Sun Gold. Maybe it’s just my pitiful collection and lack of metallic colours but I’m mad about these two! Do you guys have any recommendations for crazy bright metallic colours, I’m on a roll!



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  1. 1

    I LOVE the zebra print and the leopard print! That silver is amazing! (=

    I was inspired by your photography for my next blog post. Hope you don’t mind me using your technique! I think it helps in bringing out the nail polish’s colours and pigmentation! And the GLITTER! =D

  2. 3

    Maria said,

    Thats just stunning 😀 Love all of it! ;D

  3. 5

    Lucy said,

    I love the polishes on their own. Add the Konad and WOW! Love all three designs. Your nails are beautiful. I don’t know which I like the best. They are all stunning.

  4. 7

    […] My two Givenchy’s, Sun Gold & Sun Silver, as seen here […]

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