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NOTD: Glitter Cherry Blossoms

Woaah I’ve really let go of my ‘post once a day’ resolution! My internet issues turned out to be worse than I thought and I used the time to catch up on my reading and absorbed in all the sad news in the entertainment world over the past few days 😦


I do have some fun stuff in store- I was really gutted that I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on the new Nubar Going Green collection (green is my favourite colour!) and the new Lippman collection everyone’s been blogging about. Well in one week I located an etailer that ships Nubar internationally, a Nubar representative in my hometown (thanks to the amazing customer service on Nubar’s website) AND a CND store where I can get all my Solar Oil goodies! So excited, but I’m going to have to wait a while before splurging, haha- it’s been one of those months!

I visited a Korean cosmetics store at the mall that I usually avoid because of the CRAZY pushy saleswomen- it’s nothing against the brand, I just get really flustered when I’m followed around and bombarded with products 😦 I survived this time and left with this amazing glitter polish! The brand is called Missha, but I can’t seem to find a name for the colour I bought.


Unlike all my other glitter polishes this one is pure unadulterated goodness- no random flecks in a jelly base, my friends.

I was also really in the mood for a soft pale colour which I lack in my collection, so I picked up Silver Bullet by Rimmel- not silver at all in my opinion- a pretty pearly white that is opaque in two or three coats, though not the best application.

I was really nervous before my first yoga class last week so I busted out my new purchases and did a fun mani, painting my nails with silver bullet and keeping my ring finger blingtastic in pink with a white Konad cherry blossom . I love adding a bit of something on my ring finger to liven up my manicure, I only have 4 Konad plates so I’ve pretty much exhausted them, I don’t think I can handle a full Konadicure until I get some new designs!

It’s not one of my best applications, but it was fun and gave me someting pretty to look at while huffing and puffing through ‘downward facing dog’ during yoga class, haha


I hope you guys like it 🙂 I’m off to catch up on my favourite blogs!



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NOTD- Sexy Divide

I haven’t used Essie products in a few years, so when I found out the nail salon at my gym carried the line I couldn’t wait to give their colours a try! Yesterday morning I got my nails done in Sexy Divide, a gorgeous dark purple with lots of shimmer- I love it 🙂 

Just a small request from you guys- what tips do you have for sending polishes in the mail? I’d love to take part in swaps but I’m unsure on how to pack things to send abroad and ensure safe arrival- any feedback would be much appreciated!


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Finally- Glitter swatches!

I’ve blogged about the crazy fun polishes I bought from a Japanese discount store in my town, and with my internet on hiatus I finally sat down and took some pics of swatches in daylight to show all the glitter goodness! The polishes don’t have any names, so I tried to show the bottle in each photo since I already posted more detailed pics in the original post (that’ll teach me to show swatches & bottle shots in different posts)

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Nail Tek Haul

Hey everyone 🙂 I’ve been having some internet problems that have been fixed, and I was only able to check my emails through my phone, so I’ve been behind with my blogging!

A local pharmacy recently started stocking Nail Tek products- I’m really lacking in the nail treatments department so I picked up a few products to try because I’ve heard so much about them.

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NOTD: Silver leopard Konadicure

I haven’t been very active for the past few days, but I’ve made some exciting purchases and just had a swatching session so I have a few fun posts lined up 🙂 I applied for membership to a gym and just got accepted so I’m super excited to start getting into shape. The gym also has a nail salon *cue Beethoven’s Ode To Joy* and despite my bad experience the last time I went to a salon it’ll be nice to be able to get a pedicure after a work out a few times a month while taking care of my nails at home! (plus nail salons are total enablers- they sell polish and products! My poor wallet, lol).

Yesterday’s NOTD was Nivea’s Black Sparkle with Givenchy’s Sun Silver on my ring finger. I used plate m57 with black Konad special polish for the stamping.

I  enjoyed wearing it- I really missed Konading!


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NOTD- MAC Shirelle

Not giving up on the Gatsby look 🙂 2 coats of Shirelle over a base coat, with a coat of Sally Hansen’s ‘Dries Instantly’ top coat.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, it’s just around the corner!


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NOTD: Aubergine & the Gatsby manicure!

Hello blogosphere, just wanted to thank everyone reading and commenting, receiving all your lovely comments really makes my day! 🙂

I’m back from my trip, and the first thing I ran for was my nail polish basket! You Don’t Know Jacques by OPI is a beautiful colour but I definitely needed a change. As I mentioned in my previous post I was craving a nice, rich red- but instead I decided to give a polish I bought on sale from Marks & Spencers a try. I didn’t really like it, it’s application wasn’t smooth and it had the ultimate polish deal breaker for me- it took aaages to dry and still didn’t seem 100% dry after hours. It may be my fault because of thicker coats, but I did them as thin as possible without dragging the brush and having a rough sticky mess *shrug*.

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